A Love That Starts From the Best Night

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A Love That Starts From the Best Night Summary

A Love That Starts From the Best Night summary: "Let me look at all of you," he says while peering into my eyes. Every single one of his thrusts makes me ache deep inside both my body and heart. I didn't know I was still capable of feeling this way... A slave to her work, Marika Kudou only finds out about her broken engagement with her fiancé over a single text message. The saddest thing about it is that she doesn't feel anything at all when greeted with the news. That same night, she meets a kind man at the bar whose gentle words are so comforting that they end up making love in order to soothe her loneliness. However, the sex was too intensely passionate to be merely called comfort sex. Just as she decides to lock the memories of that night away, it turns out that the new president at her company is the same man she was in bed with until that very morning!



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